A thrilling, narrative-driven survival cRPG set in a post-capitalist world in flames. Find the spy hidden in the condo, build makeshift equipment and make the ultimate choice of whether to survive the Nuclear Winter with or without your flatmates!

Explore, adapt and survive in a

sprawling open world within a condo.



Manage Apartment 28, collaborate with your neighbors, and investigate the mysteries of the narrow corridors of a Proletariat Condominium!


Scales of Morality

Fortify or destroy the social relationships you'll forge with the condo's quirky residents.

Pipe Junk

Table of Knowledge

Learn DIY Projects, recycle your furniture, and build makeshift equipment!


Manage your roommates' food, energy or health demands, give up excess. Capitalism ended 200 years ago. Each resident of the condo complex has something to offer and a price to propose

Blue Book Fief

Political Orientation

There is no shame in having ideals. Choose the political path on which to invest points and watch how the Glasshouse world reacts

Sin Leaf

Expedition Management

The Lundonstoch Fiefdom is on fire but also full of useful resources. Calculate the risks and decide who to send outside!